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3D Rendering Service

Starting from:
$320  /  £235  per room

This service is useful towards the final stages of your interior design process, once finishes have been selected.  With this online service it is possible to provide you with some or all of the following options:

  • 3D Photo realistic render of one room (3 - 6 elevation renders and one top view render)

  • A 360 degree view of the room (if the size of the room permits).  

  • Wireframe images of the room.

  • GIF of furniture and accessories being added to the design. 

I can offer one round of up to five revisions.  Any further revisions are done at an hourly rate.

You can read more about my process here.

Gif for Botanical Bedroom


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Please send me the following information - this will allow me to provide you with the best possible quote for your design project:
  • The space that you require to be rendered (kitchens and bathrooms generally are more complex and will take more time to render.  A floor plan and photos (if available) will speed up the process, but are not essential.
  • ​A list of furniture  and all items to be used in the design and the accuracy required of these items (are generic models acceptable or would you like the models to be exact?).  Your list with vendor links for every item will provide me with more insight into your design and anticipate the time it will require to complete your project.  
  • Once I have all the above information and have had a closer look at your design, I will send you a time estimate and quote for your project.  
  • I will require a 50% deposit to get started on your project.  
  • Images of draft renders will be shared with you as soon as they are ready - this will be a good opportunity to make any adjustments and / or placement of furniture and accessories.
  • As soon as the design is finalised, I can start on the 3D rendering process.  It requires considerable time and effort to finalize the images to a quality standard, like perfecting the lighting, shadows and photo enhancing edits.
Master Bathroom Design

Designed by Winland Designs.

"Mariette helped me create the most beautiful 3D renderings for a client interior design project of mine. She helped the client visualize what their renovated bathrooms would look like- it definitely helped sell my ideas, which was my end goal. She is so kind, responsive and fun to work with- highly recommend Mariette for all things design!

Emilee W

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