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Shop the Look - Living Room with Earthy Tones

Would you like to create a living room with earthy tones, but are not sure how to go about it? Let me talk you through creating a design for your living room with just the right amount of "earthy", as too much can make the space look boring and too little can get lost in your interior scheme. "Earthy" normally implies warmer tones on the colour chart and these colours typically make a space feel cozy, warm, full of energy and passion. Earthy tones are perfect for welcoming fall into your home.

A Living Room Design using earthy colours and offering tips and products to achieve this look.
Welcome Fall into your home with this Living Room Design

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This is a really easy design that any home owner or diy lover can manage. The best place to start with is an item that you already have or that you definitely want in that interior space. This can be artwork, a favourite rug or a pillow with pattern and colour. In this design, I started with the painting and then found a rug that blends in with the painting. Both items have the same sort of colours. The background should be neutral - in this instance I chose a dark blue from Farrow and Ball (no affiliation) called Railings no.31. If you want to add texture to the walls, you can do so by using wall panelling (like I did here) or even a wallpaper with texture.

I then picked a neutral sofa to calm the space a bit - too much can be too much sometimes! Next step is to accessorise your space. Choose one pillow that picks up on both the rug and the artwork so that your eye flows gently through the design. You can now add a few more scatter cushions - again quite neutral with various patterns. The rest of the accessories should be quite neutral. If your wall is dark like the one in this design, choose a lamp and lamp shade that is light and neutral to stand out against the wall. Happy decorating!

If you like this design, you can simply click on the product board.  It will take you to a new tab, where you can click on each individual item to purchase it.

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