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e-design services

EMME Interiors offers online interior design services that suits everyone.  Below are my eDesign Services to choose the best fit for your.  


E-design (online interior design services) works very well for clients that like to be hands-on and do not mind doing room measurements etc themselves, but that need a little help with things like room layout, colour consultation and sourcing the right products.  I work with my clients to create a digital concept board, layout, 3D render and shopping list.  Once a design is finalised, the client buys the items on the shopping list and proceed with the installation at their leisure.  This whole process is done very efficiently through e-mail and over the phone to save you time and money.  The design process typically takes 2 weeks to completion.

I can help you, if you are unsure about the right service for you.  Contact me or call 07747138176.  I'll be happy to help you.

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